How_Wearable_Technology_C_75182_142411Wearable technology has begun to make a real impact on the way consumers shop for goods and services, but will also will change the way businesses train, empower and equip their employees. Here are some of the ways wearable technology has already begun changing the way business gets done and some predictions about the future of this rapidly developing area of small electronics.

Improving Workplace Productivity

Whether in a retail store, a call center or performing off site services today’s workforce finds many applications for wearable technology. A sales clerk in a clothing store can check stock or review promotions immediately when face to face with a customer or when answering a call without walking to a kiosk or register. An installer or repair person can check specifications or materials stock and location without climbing down a ladder or walking back to a truck or trailer, permitting the worker to stay on task longer and complete the job sooner.

The time saved and satisfaction gained by both employees and customers when staff are using wearable devices may be just a moment or two, but when this time savings is spread throughout a day and many encounters the increases in productivity really add up. Consumers appreciate the immediate information and gain from the improved work pacing that allows services to be wrapped up faster and more smoothly.

Unobtrusive Information

Most meetings with clients and leads involve manipulation of at least one mobile device or laptop that is obvious and may interfere with the flow of the presentation. As wearable technology begins to infiltrate into the mainstream a pair of glasses or a watch will provide the same information with few if any interruptions. Application for skilled workers such as plumbers or mechanics will allow hands-off viewing of installation or repair manuals, instructions or videos so real time tasks can be completed with targeted support on view for reference.

Technology developed for other applications will also be imported and adapted. For example, the devices that permit health care professionals to see inside the human body, used for diagnosis and repair, are now also used by construction workers to view behind walls and in pipes and conduits.

Swift Secure Payment

Business can put funds to work immediately with the power of wearable technology and its ability to process payments from customers directly. PayPal is one company that is making this happen and other will not be far behind.

Job Satisfaction

The ability to manage time better and solve problems on the go makes for happier employees, increasing job satisfaction by 3.5 percent as found by one study. Using evolving technology in a current job better prepares a worker when looking to move up in the company or industry.

Wearable Technology Not A Fad

Companies who prepare for and embrace these new technologies will find opportunities opening for growth and profitability. Check out what is available now and do not be shy about voicing your concerns and desires so the next round of wearable upgrades fits your needs even more precisely.

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