Instrumental Partner During Our Expansion.

In the past, we have always had a one-man outside IT consultant to take care of our company’s IT needs. However, with our rapid expansion over the past few years, we needed to engage an IT company that could satisfy our needs today and into the future. Mark and his team at BIZITSS have been a very valuable partner during our expansion assisting us with migrating our Google email to Office 365, implementing a new 2012 Server, and improving our IT infrastructure to accommodate the needs of a growing company. They were also instrumental in advising us on risk management protocols to protect our valuable data. Their timely and responsive service is like having your own in-house IT department and the various service options allows us to work within our budget. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Mark Yaralli, CFO, US Construction Corporation

Prompt and Always Available for Over 15 Years.

BIZITSS has been our outsourced IT company since 2004. Mark Banens and his team are knowledgeable and dependable. We are very satisfied with the service they provide and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend BIZITSS. They are very prompt to solve any issues that our staff has. BIZITSS handles all our IT needs and also provide maintenance to our servers. BIZITSS also sets up the IT infrastructure at our remote construction sites. We look forward to a continued relationship with BIZITSS.

Thomas Thornton, President, Thornton Construction Company, Inc

Successful Partnership for 25 Years

Palm Trucks has been with Bizitss for over 25 years. We have looked at other IT firms in the past to keep a competitive edge.  It is the personal service established throughout the years that keeps us coming back. We look at them as a vendor and an extension of our business.

I have never worked with other IT firms. The IT firms I spoke to kept promising me too much. Like I was going to be their only customer. I look for honesty in a service vendor, no one will be perfect. If you can’t get it done now, then tell me when and do it.  If you make a mistake, own it.  That’s what I get with Bizitss.

If you are looking for an IT firm that will learn your business, commit to your needs, and understand what their obligations are, Bizitss is the firmyou need to go with.

Richard Demers, Executive Director, Palm Truck Centers

Unsurpassed Service for Over 13 Years.

BIZITSS has been instrumental in helping our company grow since 2006 from 7 employees to 31 employees. They have helped me strategize the current and future computer needs of my business as well as responding immediately when we have urgent issues to resolve. Their goal is to make sure that we are working at optimal level while always trying to save the company from unnecessary expenses. It’s a great feeling to be able to know that my computer company has a handle on my business’ computer needs so that as a business owner I focus on other matters. Their service and value is unsurpassed.

Michelle Fajardo, President of Cargo International Consolidators, Inc.

Fast, Efficient and Peace of Mind.

We switched our IT support to Bizitss a few years ago because we felt we were not getting the support we needed. For years we operated with a on-premise server and when it was time to perform our server upgrade, Bizitss presented us with the choice of purchasing another on-premise server or moving to the cloud.  We decided to move to the cloud and have not looked back. Bizitss has given us the peace of mind that our information is secure in the cloud.  The fact that we no longer have a server in-house, that comes with a myriad of steps necessary to keep that information secure, as well as worrying about a potential disaster in the form of hurricane or fire, is a big plus for us.  Also, since we have two offices, one in the US and another in Brazil, we were able to consolidate all information into one location, saving us money as we got rid of our physical server altogether.  Bizitss responds to our needs in a fast, efficient manner and that is what sets them apart from their competitors.  They are also flexible and work with us on our most challenging projects and are an extension of our business.  It took our company years, and a couple of sub par IT firms, until we found our go-to solution.  Your search should be over, and the answer should be clear, it is Bizitss.  They are professional, courteous, flexible, and knowledgeable.

Vinicius Ribeiro, Vice President, Hollander Wealth Management

No Surprises, Everything is Documented.

Bizitss is a huge step up from our previous IT vendor which was a single person. They provide remote monitoring of our entire network while allowing us to be able to log in on the fly. The ticket tracking system that they provide is of great benefit to us also as the invoices are fully documented which makes me feel I’m getting my money’s worth and there are never any hidden charges.  They keep us apprised of the latest cyber threats and provide peace of mind that our network is protected, and our data is safe.  Bizitss provides great customer service and I haven’t had a bad experience with them.

Felipe Echeverri, Managing Partner, Biorep Technologies

Moving to the Cloud Saved us Money and Gave us Peace of Mind.

We hired Bizitss because we wanted a local IT company. We owned and operated our own physical servers in a NY based Datacenter and when it came time to refresh our servers, Bizitss performed a cost analysis for us between purchasing new physical servers in the NY Datacenter or moving 100 % of our environment to the cloud. We decided to move to the Microsoft Azure Cloud and Bizitss even managed to save us money and we have had absolutely no regrets. The ‘cloud’ environment has given us the peace of mind that our information is secure and 100% in the ‘cloud’. Now all updates and upgrades are in real time and seamless. It has been a huge improvement. We are very satisfied with Bizitss’ fast and dedicated response times and for us it became very advantageous to have a local presence combined with technical expertise.

Rodrigo Rego, Board Member, Genesis Investment Advisors LLC

Multiple Locations, Not A Problem.

Mark Banens and the team at BIZITSS guided and supported us in the process of setting up our remote server in an offshore datacenter. They have been extremely supportive and efficient helping us tackle day to day technology issues as well as complex problems such as setting up a reliable backup system across our different offices. We have worked together since 2011 and hope to continue for many more.

Lucas Arfelli, Arbitral Securities, Miami Florida

Prompt, Valuable and Always Available.

Mark Banens and BIZITSS have been servicing our IT needs since 2006. As our company has expanded and the technology side of healthcare has grown, BIZITSS has helped us every step of the way. It is with extreme confidence I would recommend BIZITSS to other individuals or businesses. When problems would arise with our computers, BIZITSS has always been prompt to respond, would give us options for solutions and correct the problem in a timely fashion. When our office moved to a larger facility and put in a server BIZITSS made the transition easy for us. Our office also implemented a new patient practice management system and BIZITSS made sure our hardware was up to date and that the software was communicating properly. Our office looks forward to a continued working relationship with BIZITSS and we are extremely confident our IT needs will be satisfied.

Page Chiropractic Life Center

100% Trust in Bizitss.

BIZITSS has been Servitech Corp's computer company for more than 15 years now. They are serious, responsible and know how to do the job. In our own growing process it has not mattered what we needed; setup new servers, firewalls, install new terminals, installing or updating new systems or programs. They know how to do it and in a prompt and friendly manner. I trust them a hundred percent with all our equipment and information and BIZITSS has always made us work at optimal level while always trying to save our company from unnecessary expenses. We have no complaints.

Ignacio R. Ayllon, Export Manager, Servitech Corp

The Team here at Schiller America and I are very happy with the service and support that BIZITSS has provided our company for the last 7 years. They are always quick to respond and resolve any issues. Their knowledge of the IT industry and their ability to keep up with industry changes ensures that we can keep our company on track!

I appreciate their support and enjoy working with their team!


BIZITSS has been my computer company since 2003; there are several reasons why I recommend them; but the most important one is because when they do a job, they do not have to come back to fix it or to fix something else. They are serious, responsible, reliable, and know what they are doing. It has not mattered what we have needed, they know how to do it. Moreover, I trust them one hundred percent with all my equipment and information.

Gilda Peralta, CFO, The Armani Shoes Corp

As a small startup business it is very important to receive the proper technical and communication support from a professional IT company. We contracted BIZITSS to do just that. Their technical and communications skills are hard to find these days. They set up the entire office system from wiring to hardware. Being up and running is an integral part of the success of any new company specially a startup such as ourselves. All work was done very professionally and on time. Any company looking for high quality computer support for their users would do very well by contacting BIZITSS.

Windward Logistics

Trusted Responsive Partner Constantly Educating Us.

Bizitss has been an instrumental Trusted Partner in everything we do. They respond immediately and always have a solution for any of our questions, concerns, projects or problems.  They offer excellent cost effectiveness, provide us with documentation access from anywhere, have been instrumental in writing some of our IT policies and most importantly constantly make us aware of the Cyber Security threats out there and continue to provide us with state of the art Ransomware protection and data backups.  We have and will continue to recommend Bizitss.”

Ana Berenguer, CFO, The Berenguer Group., Key Biscayne Office

Mark Banens and his team have been our Systems go to company for all our technology needs since 2010. Whether we needed help with project requirements, problems, multiple location synchronization or relocation; they have been there and met all of our expectations.

Juan Berenguer, The Berenguer Group

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Consultants has been working with Mark Banens and his team since 2005. We are a multi-faceted company with four different sites throughout Miami with additional offices in New York City as well as Buffalo, New York. Functioning on an optimal level is possible only when our computers are working at their best. They provide us ongoing support overseeing our system to be sure it is working on an optimal level. All trouble shooting is handled with utmost priority. We have complete confidence in their responsiveness to our needs. On many occasions, they have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure we are up and running smoothly and efficiently. We have learned that they are an excellent resource, as well for all of our technology and information needs.

Patricia Evans, Vice President, Comprehensive Rehabilitation Consultants, Inc.